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Computer Science and Arts for All


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Computer Science and Arts for All

For 3rd - 5th graders

February 4th–March 4th, 2023

Price: Free


CSA4ALL program is an on-campus project where students will learn about the basics of robotics, programming, and music composition. We have experts in Computer Science, Robotics and Music fields working on maximizing the efficiency and quality of the materials. The main steps of the curriculum are:

(1) Introducing students to CS concepts and skills using dash robots and xylophone attachment. 

(2) Introducing students to control and program dash robots to play and create music rhythm patterns.

(3) Teaching essential music vocabulary. 

(4) Teaching students how to compose music using the Xylo app and Dash’s xylophone attachment.

(5) Introducing programming concepts like sequencing, algorithm, events, and making loops by repeating measures of music.

(6) Teaching how to synchronize their Dash robots with their musical composition. 

(7) Providing an opportunity for students to turn the Dash robot into a marching band making the dash robot move and groove with its xylophone attachment and simple programming.

(8) Controlling small educational robots using ML/AI 

Sessions will be led by Computer Science and Software Engineering, Computing Electrical Engineering departments faculty and graduate students.   If you have any questions, please email the camp director, Dr. Daniela Marghitu at We hope to see you at camp!

 Apply here:

All summer camp applicants will be notified via the student's email address of their acceptance status on October 30th, 2022.